When we think ‘Ella Impressions’ we imagine a little world where we can DREAM, AMMALGAMATE and CREATE.

DREAM, of out of the box possibilities which no ordinary brand can state, but still remain true to our minimal and elegant roots. To believe, to understand and to accept that we are not here to make noise and disappear instead we are here to stay and remain classic and timeless. To start small with a limited range of products but be ready to launch into a full collection eventually and branch out into every fashion association.

AMMALGAMATE our art into fashion and accessories in a manner that seems effortless and genuine. To introduce a luxurious spin to create a brand that will feel as exclusive as we are making it sound. To not just be all talk but to physically make clear that we are Couture and nothing less than exclusive. To eventually take this brand to runways and collaborate with fashion influencers and start a timeless style statement which will never end.

CREATE a line of merchandise that will speak of luxury and easily mesh into the fashion world where it belongs. To create a wave at runways, to create a medium of expression and to create a lifestyle. To create using materials that are pure, original, and organic will create a bespoke fusion that will help take this venture and capitalise it into a huge profit making enterprise.

In the words of our founder Ella Prakash, “This is just the beginning”.

‘Ella Impressions’ is a high end couture brand that will see the merger of fashion with art by Ella Prakash.

The main objective of the brand is to create a luxury line of affordable art through fashion for its buyers. It will launch with an introductory collection for both genders and encompass an entire range of bespoke merchandise for its niche clientele and will be available internationally. It is all set to become a trendsetter in both retail and online shopping sectors.

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